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3:00 PM Saturday-February

Northwest Track and Field Clinic

A-Herman Johnson-Concordia University- Triple Jump and Long Jump

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Herman Johnson: BA/BA, C.Ht, MAT, C.Ch, CPT, SPC

President: CerebralSports

  • Propulsion Stage = Body Lean

  • Walk-In Style = 1-2-3

  • Skip-In Style = skip, 1-2-3

  • Lean & Catch = Feet Together, Fall and go

  • Block-Start = Three Point Stance

Just as a 100m runner needs to be a maximum speed by 50m and upright. Both Triple Jumpers and Long Jumpers must be pretty close to it by the sixth stride and maintained through the board.

Okay Now… Where’s the Difference?

The Long Jump Take-off is calculated.

The “Penultimate” is the Key in the execution of the Long Jump. Why… to get the lift.

Tape Drill – 6ft. apart. After five high knees. Right foot on the inside of tape, left on top of the tape.

Triple Jump Take-off is not as calculated except;

More of the forefront of the foot is involved. Why… to ensure less of a lift. Remember, the objective of the Triple Jump take-off is to stay low on One. If the lift on the Triple Jump is too high then we may have ankle and momentum issues.

Long Jump take-off, Flight, and Landing can be taught by a standing 1-2-3-4 model.

Standing Drill:

1. Left foot forward, right foot forward. Right arm forward and bent at a right angle. With a slight lean. as far back as possible. Simultaneously swing both left arm and right knee forward and block the knee at the waist and the left hand at the chin.

2. Stop both arms at your ears while maintaining your hips is front of your shoulders and your knees hanging strait down toward the pit during the sail of the jump.

3. Swing both arms down forcefully past hips to behind almost perpendicular to the pit.

4. Upon heel contact with the sand let knees give-in and synchronize the arm swing to maintain upper torso movement through the pit and forward.

Triple Jump In Slow Motion

Phase One. Hop

Phase Two. Step

Phase Three. Jump

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