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Got Pain?

Most people only deal with the symptoms of pain. Pain can be medicated, iced, and bandaged.

But what about "Cronic Pain"? They say it's in your head. Well that may be true, but a closer postulation would be, in your thoughts. Soooo, how do we get it out of our head?

Did you know that the human body has more chemical compounds and elixirs than can be crammed into a pill. Can you tell my perception is to allow the body to do it's own healing? I knew you could!

Believe it or not I've cured people and have not put a hand on them. Those are rare occasions but nonetheless doable.

How? I, for several years , have been using the art of Guided Imagery for self-healing.

As scientists began to examine the psychology of injury in humans, psychologist first speculated that people's reaction to injury was similar to the response of people facing imminent death. According to this view, people who become injured often follow a five-stage grief response process;

  • 1. Denial,

  • 2. anger,

  • 3. bargaining,

  • 4. depression, and

  • 5. acceptance and reorganization.

The Process Entails:

  • Visualization through relaxation of body and mind.

  • Using your mind to Identifying the emotional attachments associated with the underlying stressors.

  • Focusing on the metaphorical aspect of your pain.

Based upon the history of your chronic pain ninety-nine percent of the time I will have to use ;

  • Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Emagineering

  • The Power of Focusing

  • Quantum-Touch

  • Hypnosis

Each of these techniques have a very powerful affect on all those problems you've not gotten any solutions for, year after year. Applying one or more of these techniques aid in the relief of pain and discomfort miraculously.

You will be able to tell with just one session...Don't Go Another Day Without Sleep! 

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