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8:00 AM Sunday-February

Northwest Track and Field Clinic

B-Herman Johnson-Concordia University-Mental Training and Guided Imagery for Track and Field

http://www.Amentalist: Email:

Herman Johnson: BA/BA, C.Ht, MAT, C.Ch, CPT, SPC

President: CerebralSports

This is a total participation event; please force yourself to be on time.

5 Easy Steps to Developing the art of Mental Imagery.


The Goal:

What are the Key questions to develop and understand the goal

What’s the GOAL?

What improvement can you expect from obtaining your goal?

What suggestions can you give to help you achieve this goal?


Physical Relaxation:

Muscle group calming techniques.

Relaxation for muscle group 1

Relaxation for muscle group 2

Relaxation for muscle group 3

Relaxation for muscle group 4


Attention Relaxation:

Mono-focus: total concentration.






Paint the picture, envision the desired conclusion.


Alert and Aware:

Bring them back to the present time and place.

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