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From the American Health Magazine

  • Average Recovery Rate is 38% after 600 sessions​

  • Behavior Average Recovery Rate is 72% after 22 sessions

  • Guided Imagery, Hypnosis,

  • Recovery Rate is 93% after 20 sessions


This course involves a careful examination of mental techniques as in performance and for solving emotional imbalance problems. Emphases are on of basic thinking skills, visualization, and solutions performance problems. It is an exploratory, course in sports psychology coaching designed primarily for individuals planning to implement these techniques for their team, business, and relationships.


This course is a lecture-lab course in which topics are presented by the instructor, practice worksheets are explained, and assigned exercises are completed by participants both during lab periods and outside of class.


participants the use of psychological skills, enhancement, to goal achievement, and to of work in their environment.participants to various forms of mind skills and of representations appropriate to specific needs.people to time and quality mind training requirements.To to the range of mind methods, topics, and occupations the field.To with opportunities to develop basic mental skills to performance enhancement, working with negative and accurately, working with their one


The Course will cover the following topics:

Mental LoggingGoalsAffirmationsRelaxationVisualization/Imagery

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